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EgyGeeksOnSkype ?

Yesterday (Sunday, April 4th), Mohamed Meligy, Ramy Mahrous, Emad Mokhtar, Mohamed Gamal, Doha ElSayed and myself had a wonderful talk on skype. This meeting was not scheduled, it started by a conversation on twitter about how we are going to spend the easter day, then we moved to TinyChat and we ended up on Skype talking about different technical and non-technical topics.

The interesting part about this talk is that we came up with the “EgyGeeksOnSkype” idea! It’s simply an online gathering for Egyptian geeks (Non Egyptians are most welcome to join) to discuss different technical and non-technical topics.

We will start next Friday (April, 9th) at 11:59 PM Cairo Time (GMT +2), I will be speaking about “No-Code SharePoint Solutions” from 12:00 AM to 12:30 AM followed by an open discussion about OData.

To join the conversation add "mohamed.meligy", "rmahrous", "emad.mokhtar.habib", “aymanelhattab” or "gamalilio" on skype and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #EgyGeeksOnSkype” on twitter.

Don’t miss it!

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I think we will rock Skype, Good ppl, Nice Geeks in on place in the same time  Yaaaaaaaaay
at 4/5/2010 5:27 AM

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