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Beginning SharePoint Development Available Now!

It's here - after a far too long wait - the next issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal.

The topic this time, as you likely know, is Beginning SharePoint Development. If you are an aspiring developer, or if you have a lot of experience as a developer on other platforms, this issue is for you.

The issue, spanning 128 pages, covers the following aspects of SharePoint development:

  • Creating the development environment
  • Overview of SharePoint from a developer's perspective
  • SharePoint development core concepts
  • Data development in SharePoint
  • Event handlers and workflows in SharePoint
  • SharePoint web part development
  • Development of visual elements

You'll also get 21 videos lasting more than 3 hours and 15 minutes, walking you through the steps of the exercises and showing you some additional and useful tips and tricks.

I won't hold you here no more, here is the URL:


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