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DotNetArabi recording now online

Thanks to my friend Emad ElAshi for his efforts on DotNetArabi.

My recording has been released, I would like to hear from you All your feedback.

Download the session from here


Just Done DotNetArabi Recording about SharePoint Development

Yesterday Saturday Sept. 25th I have done  DotNetArabi episode recording about development on top of SharePoint.

DotNetArabi is a radio program  over the internet talking about technology in general and specifically Microsoft.Net technologies.

دوت نت عربي هو برنامج إذاعي عربي يتكلم عن التكنولوجيا بشكل عام، و عن تكنولوجيا الدوت نت Microsoft .net بشكل خاص


It was a discussion like episode where Emad Alashi (DotNetArabi Founder) was asking about What is SharePoint? What the types of customizations and development can SharePoint developer do with his tools to achieve the business requirements.

I would like thank a lot Emad Alashi for his great efforts for organizing this recording and maintaining the podcasts live and up-to-date.