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SharePoint 2010 Features I like

There a lot of posts listing the hot new features introduced in SharePoint 2010

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However I would like to focus on some features I am really excited about them and happy that Microsoft has listened to our requests on them.

SharePoint 2010 developer edition*: yes now SharePoint 2010 can be installed on your development machine which doesn’t be necessarily Windows server, you can install now SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 or Windows Vista along with your development tools like Visual studio 2010 (Goodbye to virtualization software in development time).

*Note: There is no SharePoint developer edition, it is the normal SharePoint 2010 but you will be able to install it on your desktop machine. It is just a name I came up with as SQL server developer edition we used to use on our Windows XP :)

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Master page for application pages: I don’t believe finally after a lot of tough times with customization Application pages now you can change the application pages master page.

Application pages are the out of box pages located under _layouts directory (e.g. settings.aspx) usually these pages inherited application.master master page. in WSS 3.0 (and accordingly MOSS 2007) you had to change the application pages master pages using code, we had to do this in order to avoid to edit the pages physically and eventually get into unsupported scenario!

I usually used Super branding project from with some customizations.

This issue arises from the fact that in WSS 3.0 application pages and content pages use different master pages with different content placeholders.

Now SharePoint 2010, Content placeholders are now identical for both content and application pages. This enables SharePoint developers to reference the site master page in application pages using tokens (like ~masterurl/default.master and ~masterurl/custom.master) in its new attribute DynamicMasterPageFile.

New event handlers: SharePoint 2010 now supports new events on different SharePoint object, following list of these new events:

  • List level events:
    • ListAdding: before a new list created.
    • ListAdded: after a list has been created.
    • ListDeleting: before a list deleted.
    • ListDeleted: after a list has been deleted.
  • Web level events:
    • WebAdding: fires when a new web site is created.
    • WebProvisioned: fires when web site if fully provisioned and the provisioning process is done, this event can be used to add web parts on site.

Also new type of events has been introduced Synchronous After Events, this event type provides the ability to act on a list item after it has been submitted, but before the user actually sees the list item i.e. When synchronous after events are fired, the event is processed before control is returned.

For sure this is not all the new features in SharePoint 2010 I like, I will post about more features later.