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Guide to SharePoint Performance Optimization

[Reposted from My blog]

I have been interested on the best practices on analyzing SharePoint Performance issues and how to solve them, find in this blog post SharePoint Performance optimizations

Here I will elaborate more on some steps to do on your environment to enhance the performance (Some of these techniques were mentioned on Andrew Connell's Book Professional SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management Development):

  1. URL Ping Tool: custom tool (developed by MS team) that recorded the time to first byte for URLs hosted on SharePoint servers; You can find the tool script at the Appendix of SharePoint Performance Optimization White Paper
  2. IIS Compression
  3. SharePoint Caching Options: using the Out Of the Box caching techniques
  4. Limiting Page Payload: analyzing Page size, content and requests using either neXpert over Fiddler recommendations (on IE) or YSlow add-on (on Firefox)
  5. Loading core.js when necessary (Delayed /Lazy loading): core.js has noticeable size of the overall page size, you can delay its loading only when needed,, Professional SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management Development
  6. Infrastructure: review your network infrastructure and make sure all the network cards configured right and meets the design specifications; move your servers to 64 bit hardware; review Database distribution SQL server settings (Source SharePoint Performance Optimization White Paper)
  7. ISA server caching
  8. Dispose checker tool: this tool checks the assembly is following SPWeb and SPSite dispose pattern best practices
  9. Browser Cache and Content Expiration: manipulate the browser caching settings on the client, you can use Andrew Connell's tool MetaTagsGenerator
  10. Use Ajax callbacks