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Survey result: SharePoint Developers’ Environment Virtualization

In a previous post SharePoint Developers’ Environment Virtualization I had conducted a quick survey about SharePoint development environment virtualization to get some insights about it, here the survey results.

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1. What is your virtualization product

VMWare wins with 48.5%


Hyper-V and Virtual PC comes second with 18.2%


2. You use dedicated or shared environment with team?

84.8% of developers use dedicated environment for their development


3. What is the main architecture of your development environment?

Almost 32 bit and 64 bit shares the development environment with 51.5% to 48.5%


4. What is your host Operating System?

Windows Server 2008 R2 wins as host OS with 21.2%


5. What is typically your Guest Operating System?

For guest OS Windows Server 2003 and 2008 share the first place with 24.2% then in second place comes Windows Server 2008 R2

however you can notice the about 30% of Guest OS is desktop Windows (XP, Vista and 7).


Here is my notices

  • VMWare wins a virtualization software
  • Around 50% uses 64 bit environment
  • Around 30% uses desktop Windows as guest OS.

I see these 3 points are natural result of Microsoft lacking a virtualization software supports 64 bit on their desktop Windows, so developers moved to VMWare to develop on 64 bit environment!!!

I would to hear your comments and notices about the survey results.

Thanks to for hosting my survey.

SharePoint Developers’ Environment Virtualization

Continuing our talk about virtualization, I am conducting a survey about the nature of a SharePoint developer virtual environment.

I present the survey results on a later post, discussing the different forms of virtualization application I have seen and how they can help.

Click Here to take survey, it will take less than a minute