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Amazing Windows 7 Package!!!

Yesterday I have just received Windows 7 Package as a reward for participating in Windows 7 beta program, It is really nice package I like its black with silver logo.

Thanks a lot Microsoft




I think I will keep it closed and will use the downloadable version of Windows 7 from MSDN ;)

Me and Windows 7

It all started when I received my new laptop Dell E5500 last week with on operating system installed.

I decided to install Windows server 2008 x64 to be able to run my development virtual machines on Hyper-V, after successful windows installation; I could not find hardware drivers for the display adapter and the wireless network :(, I tried all the drivers I found over the internet but the display adapter didn’t work and the wireless kept on throwing hardware failure errors.

On 6th August Windows 7 was available for download from MSDN, i decided to install x64 Ultimate edition on the laptop and check if I will still have the network drivers issue.

Within less than 15 minutes from starting the installation I had Windows 7 up and running and amazingly Windows 7 identified all the hardware automatically and everything is working and I am enjoying blogging from Windows 7 using Windows live writer.

I liked very much Windows 7 performance, neat, clear user experience, its new task bar.

I am trying now to play with Sun virtual box over Windows 7, I will blog about this experience on later post

I am waiting for Windows server 2008 R2 to be available on MSDN to install and enjoy the Hyper-V.