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Windows Live Sync Released – formerly Live Mesh

Windows Live Sync makes it easy to access your digital stuff anywhere from any device. With Sync, you have the freedom to use any PC, knowing you’ll always have access to the files or apps that you need.

Windows Live sync page:

Windows Live Sync features:

What's new in Sync

Access your files from anywhere

You can use up to 2 GB of online storage on SkyDrive to sync files from your PC. You can then access your files anywhere — even if your PC is switched off.

Access your desktop from anywhere

Leave your PC online and you can access its files and apps anywhere from Find your PC among the list of devices on the website, and click on Connect to this computer to remotely control your PC. This is great for emergency situations where you might be at work and need an important file from home.

Get your new PC up and running quickly by transferring files and settings

Use Sync on two (or more) PCs to transfer files and keep your files up-to-date across all of your PCs. Sync can even transfer and sync really big folders with pictures and personal videos. You can also sync your Internet Explorer and Office settings to make it easy to set up your new PC just like your old one.

Sync's key features

  • 2 GB of online storage on SkyDrive

    Sync your most important files online so you can access them from any web browser in case you need them.

  • Create a common folder that you and someone else can each synchronize to your PCs

    With Windows Live Sync, you and your spouse could create a common folder (e.g., “Our child’s special moments”) on each of your PCs. When either one of you adds new pictures to the common folder — you both instantly see the latest pictures on your PCs.

  • Internet Explorer settings sync

    Enjoy the same web browsing experience across your PCs with sync of your Favorites and recently typed URLs.

  • Microsoft Office settings sync

    Never tell Word to ignore the same squiggly red lines twice because Sync keeps your dictionary (and other Office customizations like Outlook signatures) in sync across your PCs.

  • Copy and paste files in Remote Desktop

    Easily copy files back and forth between your local PC and remote PC with just a few clicks.

  • Zoom and use multiple monitors in Remote Desktop

    Use your PC from afar as if you were sitting right in front of it.

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