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Create SharePoint Themes in Arabic

Feras from the web has asked me about creating SharePoint 2007 Themes that would appear in Arabic language.

Well, it should be similar to creating themes for English language, see Custom Site Theme for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS 2007) and WSS 3.0 under tigirry's SharePoint Blog but look for SPThemes.xml under 1025 folder instead of 1033.  1025 is the Locale Identifier for Arabic in Windows.

Happy Theme-ing!


Mohamed Yehia

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SharePoint Starters: To MOSS 2007 or SharePoint 2010?

Lately I have been asked this question several times:

  • I am a SharePoint beginner, which technology should I learn?
  • I am eager to learn SharePoint?  Shall I waste my time in MOSS 2007 or invest in SharePoint 2010?
  • Most SharePoint 2010 videos, how to’s target audience with previous MOSS 2007 knowledge, Shall I learn MOSS 2007 then switch to SP2010 in a couple of months?

That is a very good question and a tough one as well.  However I will give a shot at it.

To answer the question, we need to consider some factors such as:

  • What is Microsoft’s vision for SharePoint 2010?

“SharePoint 2010 is the biggest and most important release of SharePoint to date” -Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer

SharePoint 2010 brand "The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web” – SharePoint 2010 Official Site

Enough said?!! There is more;Microsoft has released two beta versions of the product since October 19th 2009, almost eight months of the announced release date.  Eight whole months!! MVPs had even access in the Tech Preview.  Not only the very active community of SharePoint is already building tools and solutions on top of the technology, but there are learn nuggets and how to published on Microsoft.  I would not be surprised that there would be MVPs awarded for their efforts for SharePoint 2010.

  • When is the release date of SharePoint 2010?
    It has been announced that SharePoint 2010 release to manufacturing (RTM) would in H1 2010, that’s maximum by June almost six months from now.  Typically MSDN subscribers and Microsoft Gold Partners have access to binaries before that by 2 or 3 months.  So we should expect SharePoint 2010 to come somewhere between April and June.  It should be announced in  SharePointPro Summit & Expo March 16-19 2010, Las Vegas Update : SharePoint 2010 release date has been announced as May 12th 2010 and RTM in April – read more at Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog
  • Is the market ready for SharePoint 2010?!!

    Microsoft not only invested in facilitating the adoption by the technical community as I have said earlier, but also it invested in supporting a non IE browsers including Firefox and Safari.  Microsoft promises smoother upgrade and migration scenarios.  

    On the other hand,
    Gartner recommendations are:

      “Enterprises with specific immediate requirements aligned to these enhancements:

          -Plan to deploy MSS 2010 during 2H10.

     Mainstream enterprises:
Stay on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 through mid-2011, when the first service pack should be available for MSS 2010.
If you are seeking synchronization between server farms, integration with other leading content management systems, and flexible storage options other than SQL, evaluate third-party tools as supplements."

Of course with the current economical conditions everybody is watching their budgets, so if current SharePoint customers or even new ones do not have cash to spend in 64-bit hardware or Windows license, things might be a bit slower for SharePoint 2010.  Although I would not worry about that as I presume that most of the servers lately are deployed with 64 bit hardware and OS.


Since we are in a transitional phase and customers might agree with Gartner and wait for SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1.  It seems that MOSS 2007 is going to live for a while.  Since SharePoint 2010 is based on similar concepts of MOSS 2007 it is good to know both.  My advice would be:

  1. Learn the basics of MOSS 2007, don’t go too deep though.  The basics will help you in working with customers with MOSS 2007 and learning SharePoint 2010 quicker.
  2. When you think you are established, invest in learning SharePoint 2010.  That’s the future : keep an eye on the blogs, learning snacks, Twitter traffic (#SP2010)
  3. Also check with your company’s strategy are they aiming for SharePoint 2010 or MOSS 2007? Nowadays, it is always good to keep the paycheck flowing.

To Ali from the Web,

I hope I have answered your question,

To SharePoint Starters,

Welcome to the SharePoint club and good luck in your SharePoint journey!

Fellow SharePointers,

Good luck in the new journey, specially in the migration projects ;)

Please share your thoughts.

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Mohamed Yehia

Released : Developing SharePoint Applications Guidance – August 2009

The Developing SharePoint Applications guidance helps architects and developers design and build applications that are testable, extensible, and that provide the tools they need to maintain those applications and diagnose problems when they arise. “

A must read.. get it here.

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